Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Doterra?

doTERRA has been around for 3 years. doTERRA means gift of the earth.
What are Essential oils?
natural airomatic compounds
extracts from plants
very concetrated
50-70 times more powerful than herbs
1 drop of perrpermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea
A natural alternative to synthetic drugs
  • An essentiual oil can have hundreds of differnt compunds
  • Each compound has a different medical benifit
  • Pharmaceutical companies MIMIC natural compounds
  • Over 250,000 Americans die each year from pharmaceuticals
They kill viruses and bacteria
Bacteria resides on the outside of a cell viruses on the inside
 Pharmaceutical antibiotics are unable to penetrate the cell membrane to fightviruses
Essential oils penetrate the cell membrane and kill viruses and bacteria!

 DOTERRA is the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade(CPTG) essential oil.
  • Plant material is sourced from native origins
  • Growers are selected, trained and monitored on the harvest practices
  • Each batch undergoes multiple 3rd party testing to certify purity and potency
  • CPTG is beyond organic, verified pure, free of pesticides and foreign contaminants
CPTG essential oil works fast
Three ways to use essential oils
1) Aromatic -kills germs in the air, opens airways, fighst depression
2) Topical - apply to localized are, massage into pores, enters blood stream within seconds, apply to head, feet, ears, chest, and the back of the neck.
3) Internal - Trust doTERRA's CPTG quality, digestive system support, the cold and flu bomb! 4 drops of oregano, onguard and melalecua in a capsule.

The Modernal Essential book empowers you to take control of your families needs today. It has an alphabetical listing of ailments.

These oils have blest me and my families life daily. Just this morning I was feeling sick to my stomach. I put on two drops of doTERRA's Digestzen and with in minutes my stomach was feeling so much better.
If you want to get started using these amazing oils or have any questions contact us at or call us 801-691-0644.

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